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If you are bringing your children with you to Germany, it is best to inquire about suitable childcare options from your home country. Depending on the age of the children, different childcare formats are available:

  • Up to three years: crèche (Krippe) (optional)
  • Three – six years: nursery / kindergarten (Kindergarten) (optional)
  • Six years and up: Elementary school (Grundschule) (obligatory)
  • approx. ten years and up (after the 4th grade): three pillar school system (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium) or Gesamtschule (obligatory)

The care places in crèches and other childcare facilities are in very high demand, therefore it is recommended to register as early as possible. In some cases you might be registered on a waiting list for a place.

Please also note that the periods of care vary greatly between the different institutions. Many childcare facilities only offer care until midday. Child day care (Kindertagesstätten (Kitas)) normally offer longer periods of care as well as lunch for the children.

Many other services such as nannies, parent associations or nursery facilities complete the range of childcare options in Germany.

The costs of childcare are dependent on the chosen model of care, amount of time per day for which the child is cared for and the parents’ income.

Service center for families of the TU Darmstadt

The TU Darmstadt offers parents with the service center for families (Servicestelle Familie) an institution, which supports all members of the university in finding suitable child care.

The service center can provide information in the areas of:

  • Regular supervision (crèches, nurseries, kindergarten, schools)
  • Short term supervision (ad-hoc or emergency care)
  • Holiday care

The TU Darmstadt operates two own childcare facilities called “Kinderhäuser”. One is located at the Lichtwiese campus (“Kinderhaus” Lichtwiese“). This facilities caters for children age one to three. The second facility, “Kinderhaus Stadtmitte”, is open for children between one year and six years. The educational sponsor at both locations is educcare who offers a bilingual support concept (German and English).

Further, based on a parents initiative of students and university employees, an association to provide childcare at the university was founded in 1986. Today the association uniKITA coordinates four toddlers' groups and two forest/outdoor nurseries.

For more information, please refer to the website of the service center for families. In addition the staff of the service center would be more than happy to assist you with your individual questions.

Childcare in Darmstadt

The city of Darmstadt has put together a website with lots of helpful information for families (in German only). Particular attention is paid to the needs of families who are new in Darmstadt and in many areas cannot rely on existing networks.

On the website there is information about the exact procedure of how to apply for a childcare place, a KITA database, a godfather-grandparents placement agency and much more.


This website is for information purposes only and the statements are not legally binding. Please contact the authorities to clarify which regulations apply in your case.