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Mobile communications

The mobile communication network has a very good coverage in Germany. Currently, four network providers dominate the market. They differ with regard to regional coverage and the packages they are offering:

Network provider in Germany:

  • Telekom
  • Vodafone
  • E-Plus
  • O₂

Next to these network providers additional companies offer mobile communications contracts. The Welcome Office will gladly provide you with a link list of companies.

Important: Please note that contracts often have a strict minimum duration which is also binding if you leave Germany prior to the end of the contract! There can be high cancellation fees applicable if you would like to terminate the contract prematurely. In most cases the minimum duration of the contract is 24 months. Please also check the termination regulations and period of notice of the contract carefully in advance.

Two different models can be distinguished:

Contract Prepaid-Card
The customer signs a contract over several month with a provider. The customer buys a prepaid card which already includes the setup fee.
The customer has to pay a monthly fee. There are no running expenses like the monthly fee.
The amount of costs depends on the package selected and the personal telephone usage. The amount of costs depends on the package selected and the personal telephone usage.
To use the prepaid card you have to buy credit in supermarkets, kiosks, shops or online.
Some of the packages already include free telephone calls, free text messages or a mobile phone. Prepaid packages have normally no contractual restrictions, have no minimum duration and can be terminated at any time.
People which use their mobile phone a lot may benefit from lower rates per minute.  

Buying mobile phones

Mobile phones or mobile communication packages (contract or prepaid) can be acquired at a branch of one of the mobile communications provider or online. If you would like to buy a mobile phone without a contract, you can find a large selection in electronic markets.

Mobile web

Most contracts and prepaid packages allow you to add special data packages to use the mobile web on your smartphone.

In this case a flatrate is recommended. Flatrates can differ with regard to the data volume or the speed they are providing.

Calling internationally

If you would like to call friends and family abroad using the mobile phone can be rather expensive. Therefore you might want to check if providers offer special rates for calls abroad.