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Formalities of doctoral studies at TU Darmstadt

At TU Darmstadt there are two formal processes:

Acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the department

Degrees are granted by the departments at TU Darmstadt. This means you need to be accepted as a doctoral candidate by a department.

To apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate, a formal application is made to the department’s doctoral board.

Part of the procedure for the admission of a doctoral candidate includes establishing whether the person has the necessary qualifications to do a doctorate or whether proof of any further examinations needs to be provided.


Prospective doctoral candidates can obtain further information from their supervisor or from the dean’s office of the department.

Departments at TU Darmstadt

Enrolment as a doctoral student

For doctoral studies, enrolment as a “doctoral student” is optional. For scholarship holders, however, enrolment is recommended.

If you would like to enrol for doctoral studies, please first apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the appropriate department.

International doctoral candidates who need a student visa for entry into Germany can get their acceptance from the department later after their arrival. Initially they enrol as a “student without degree”. For this, a written confirmation of supervision from the supervisor at TU Darmstadt is necessary.

With this status, a visa can be applied for as soon as you have received confirmation of matriculation.

By enrolling as a doctoral student, you become a member of the university and are given student status.


Doctoral degree regulations

Legal regulations connected with the doctorate are defined in the doctoral degree regulation of the TU Darmstadt.

Next to the general terms of the doctoral degree regulations of the university several departments have developed specific amendments. These particular terms of the departments include subject-specific requirements that must be fulfilled in order to complete a doctorate at the specific department.

Because those documents reflect the formal and legal requirements of a doctorate at TU Darmstadt it is advisable to check them in an early stage of your doctorate.

Several departments also developed a guide through the doctorate (Promotionsleitfaden) that helps doctoral candidates gaining an overview of the steps ahead (e.g. guideline of the department of mechanical engineering).


This website is for information purposes only and the statements are not legally binding. Please contact the authorities to clarify which regulations apply in your case.