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Pension insurance fund

The information provided on this website are only applicable to doctoral candidates and post-docs employed at the university. Persons financed by a scholarship or receiving external funding are not affected by these regulations.

Provision for one's old age

An important pillar of the social security scheme in Germany is the pension insurance fund. Every employee with a regular employment position pays a fixed percentage of his/her salary into the statutory pension insurance fund. With the transition into retirement at the age of 65 respectively 67 former employees receive a monthly pension to cover the cost of living. Next to the statutory pension insurance many people in Germany invest into private retirement provisions.

At TU Darmstadt employees do not only participate at the statutory pension insurance fund but also benefit from an occupational pension scheme. This scheme is mandatory for all employees of the university. The university supports the pension of their employees with a fixed portion, while the employee can (under certain circumstances) decide whether or not to pay into to occupational insurance scheme.

Statutory pension insurance fund

The statutory pension insurance is one component of the social security scheme. Further health insurance, long-term care insurance, unemployment insurance and an accident insurance hedges employees against certain risks.

To benefit from the social security scheme a person has to be engaged in an employment subject to social insurance contributions which is normaly the case if you are a regular employee of TU Darmstadt (if you possess a work contract and the income from this employment exceeds 450,- € (2013)).

The fraction of the statutory pension insurance is 18,9% (2013) of your salary.

Tip: Foreign employees (only non-EU citizens) who contributed to the statutory pension insurance for less than five years may – under certain conditions – qualify for a refund of their contributions when leaving Germany permanently.

Occupational pension scheme

In addition to the statutory pension insurance the TU provides a supplementary occupational pension scheme for all regular employees.

The provider of the occupational pension in the public sector and at TU Darmstadt respectively is the Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (VBL).

All personnel in an employment subject to social insurance contributions are compulsorily insured at the occupational pension scheme. Every employee is registered automatically when signing the work contract.

At VBL you will find two different insurance schemes: VBLklassik and VBLextra. VBL has provided a document that explains the two schemes and helps you to find the package that is right for you.

In general every new employee is insured in the VBLklassik scheme at first.

Tip: When your employment is temporary (e.g. a short-term work contract of less than 5 years) you might qualify to get released from the mandatory insurance scheme (VBLklassik). Instead you can switch to VBLextra. This means that your employer still pays into the occupational insurance fund while you are relieved of the obligation to contribute.

Important: You have to decide within the first two months of your employment whether or not you would like to switch to VBLextra. Please inform your contact at the human resources department about your decision in time.


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