UniSport Zentrum der TU Darmstadt

Informationen auf Deutsch finden Sie auf der Webseite des Unisport Zentrums.

General Information about the UniSport Center

The University Sports Centre (USZ), is a central institution of the TU Darmstadt and organizes diverse and qualified sport and exercise offerings for students and employees of the TU Darmstadt. USZ is supported by the student's sports department (selected advocacy of students).

The central tasks of the university sports center are the promotion of sport, exercise and health, offerings in the amateur and competitive sport and social integration into the life and work at TU Darmstadt.

Overview of sports

You can find a complete list of all sports offered by the Unisport Center here.

An overview of all the sports facilities is provided here.

The UniSport Center also comprises an outdoor swiming pool, a fitness center (Unifit) with a sauna, a golf course and offers a center for endurance sports.

In addition, the USZ cooperates closely with other sports facilities in the area like an indoor climbing wall.

Participation and booking terms

Ph.D. students and staff of the Technische Universität Darmstadt can participate in the UniSport activities. To take advantage of this an employee or student ID card and a photo ID must be shown.

Guest researchers may be entitled to access the facilities by acquiring a guest card („Gästekarte“) if they don't possess an AtheneCard.

Many sports are free of charge but a registration is required. Registration for ALL courses (free of charge as well as for payment) is to be done on-line or in the USZ.

Proof of eligibility is checked regularly, therefore please always carry your authorization and photo ID with you.

There is limited hall capacity! If one of the gyms is too full, the USZ staff is authorized to close the halls and to prevent the entry of new participants.

More details on participation regulations and booking terms are available on the website of the USZ.

Registration procedure

Online registration

The mandatory registration for all courses is necessary to document our work for the university's management and various partners. It gives us important information about course workloads and helps us to respond quickly and appropriately to trends.

In addition it provides you, as a participant, many advantages. We can inform you quickly and easily about hall closures, course cancellations, hindrance or sickness of exercise guides. Openings in the course places can again immediately assigned to you and courses that are cancelled due to lack of demand, can be replaced with more offerings of high demand courses.

How the online registration works:

1. Search out the activity from the list of offerings and click „Buchen“(book)*.

2. Fill out the registration form.

Required is: first name, last name, student number or university telephone number if you are staff member. Your address (street, postal code, city) is needed for any written communications and the direct debit arrangements.

For courses that require the payment of a fee, we also need the bank account number and routing number of the bank account to be debited.

The e-mail address is needed to inform you about important things on short notice (e.g., field closures).

Check the final registration screen carefully to ensure that all data is correct!

3. After you have confirmed that you have read our registration and participation conditions, click on „weiter zur Buchung“ (continue booking). Your data is encrypted and transmitted to us.

4. You immediately get a personal confirmation that you are asked to print. Cut out the outlined participation ticket and keep it ready for entrance controls. Your name appears on the course list that the instructor will have at the beginning of the course.

5. Payment is made via a debit authorization, according to the information provided in the registration.

*Popular activities can be booked up fast. In this case you can only sign up for the „Warteliste“ (waiting list) and may join the activity if a seat becomes available.