Welcome Centre - Step-by-step description to get the Athena card

Step by step to the Athene card

The Athene card can be created only if your data is available in your account for central TU ID and this has been activated.

1. Upload Photograph

Upload your image data to the account management system. Students need to include a photo, an employee may waive the photo. If the photo is waived it will appear as an anonymous silhouette on the card. However, employees cannot use all functions of the card without a photo (e.g. mobility card).

Please note the content and technical requirements for the photo.

2. Photograph is verified

Once your image has been stored in the system, it is checked and approved for printing. If a problem with the uploaded image is found, you will be informed and asked to upload the correct image data.

3. Pick up the Athene card.

Students (also when employed by the university) will be notified when the Athene card is printed. The card can then be picked up at the circulation desk of the ULB Stadtmitte during operating hours.

Employees receive their Athene cards in the local HRZ service office of the department or division.

You can find more details here .