Welcome Centre – Before your stay in Darmstadt

Before your departure to Darmstadt

Before you come to Darmstadt, you should have approached some organisational issues in your home country. Especially when you come from a country that does not belong to the European Union, it is necessary to begin early to take care of receiving an appropriate visa. The search for a suitable apartment should also start early because the housing market in Darmstadt is very limited.

Please check the following issues prior to your departure:



1. Contact the Welcome Centre of the TU Darmstadt

Please contact the Welcome Centre at an early stage so that we can support you at your start at the TU Darmstadt. Please fill in the contact form.

2. Ensure commitment of employment / scholarship

To apply for a visa you need a letter of the subject area/institute (Fachgebiet) in which you will conduct research at the TU Darmstadt. Your supervisory department provides this in the form of a letter of invitation or a hosting agreement. If you are financed with a scholarship, you also need a scholarship notice stating the amount of the scholarship and what period of time made available to you.

3. Apply for visa

Depending on which nationality you are, you may need a visa to enter Germany, to stay here for some time, or to work in Germany. Please ensure that your passport is valid for the entire length of your stay.

Important: If you sign a contract with the TU Darmstadt as a research assistant, you will need a visa, which explicitly permits employment! Please consider this when applying for the visa. A tourist visa is not suitable if you want to work in Germany nor for any stay exeeding 90 days!

Important: It is not possible to simply switch between the different types of visa, therefore consider carefully which type is right for you and contact the Welcome Office if you are insecure.

More information about „visas“ .

4. Explore housing market

Look early for a suitable flat. The Housing Service of the university provides assistance in finding accommodation and the University Guest House – offering fully equipped apartments – is a good location for the first few months in Germany.

More information about „Search for housing“ .

5. Ensure health insurance coverage

For your stay in Germany you'll need suitable health insurance. Please check which health insurance scheme is applicable in your case and identify potential health insurance providers. Examine whether or not to take out travel insurance for the first few days in Germany makes sense in their case.

More information about „Health insurance“ .

Important documents that you should bring with you