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Living in Darmstadt

Finding a flat in Darmstadt can be quite a challenge. Even though Darmstadt is only a medium-sized city, expenses for rent are rather high and the accommodation market is limited.

Therefore you need to begin monitoring the housing market early on prior to your trip to Germany. You should also consider alternative options for the first days such as a hotel or short let flats.

Housing service at TU Darmstadt

The Housing Service actively assists you in finding a home. Optionally you can get a flat in one of the guesthouses of Technische Universität Darmstadt or you receive our support in finding a home on the private housing market.

What you should know when looking for an apartment in Germany


First of all: Please don't underestimate the costs for living in Darmstadt. You can find a list with some examples on the website of the housing service.

For a single person an appropriate flat (approximately 25m²) rent will be about 350,-€ to 400,-€ per month plus deposit.

If you consider coming to Germany with your family please keep in mind that you need a flat that is large enough to fulfill the regulations of the aliens authority. Otherwise your family will not receive a visa. For a family an appropriate flat (approximately 50-70m²) rent will be about 600,-€ to 700,-€ per month plus deposit.

Costs for a flat are stated in two ways in advertisements:

Rent with utilities (Warmmiete): This rent includes operating cost (for example for waste collection and water). Sometimes it also includes heating but this is not always the case.

Rent without utilities (Kaltmiete): This is only the rent for the accommodation. All extra costs come separately and have to be added to the rent without utilities.

Many flats in Darmstadt are managed by brokers. If you are interested in renting an accommodation administered by a broker you have to pay a certain fee (Provision) which normally consists of 2 to 3 times the rent without utilities.

When renting a flat in Germany you have to make a security deposit (Kaution). Normally this is twice the costs for the rent without utilities. The security deposit is due when signing the rental contract. When you move out you will receive the security deposit back as long as you have not caused any damage to the apartment.

Normally you will pay the rent directly to the landlord. It is recommended to do this by bank transfer or set up a standing order. Cheques are not used for this purpose in Germany.

In most cases rent is due at the beginning of the month.

Size and facilities

In advertisements you will find two ways how accommodations are described regarding the size and shape.

Number of rooms:

  • 2-Zi-Whg = 2-rooms flat (not two bedrooms)
  • 2 (3…) ZKB = 2 (3…)rooms, kitchen and bathroom

Square metre:

  • 40 m² = Refer to the metric size of the whole flat

On average flats are completely empty when rented. This means there will be no kitchen (if not indicated otherwise in the advertisement) or lighting fixtures when you move in.


In most cases electricity is not included in the rent. You have to register with an electricity supplier [Stromversorger] yourself. There are several providers to chose from.

Costs: An approximate value for electricity costs for a single-person household are 40,-€ per month.

Telephone and internet

In Germany you can chose between a wide variety of telecommunication providers. They differ distinctively with regard to the packages they offer and the prices.

Costs: Internet and telephone flat rates (within Germany) start at approximately 20,-€ per month plus installation. Certain providers offer special rates for calls to specific countries.

So it would be worth your while to compare the offers of a few different suppliers in order to find the one that offers the cheapest rates to call back to your home country.



This website is for information purposes only and the statements are not legally binding. Please contact the authorities to clarify which regulations apply in your case.