Research, work and teach abroad

Research, Work & Teach Abroad

The new EU programme Erasmus+ focuses on the promotion of mobility for teaching and learning purposes and the transnational collaboration. In the academic field, Erasmus+ promotes a sustainable development of the higher education system in partner countries and especially the teaching and training mobility of university staff.

The general term “staff mobility” is divided into:

An Erasmus+ grant is possible if the sending or receiving university holds an Erasmus+ charter for higher education. There has to be a valid bilateral Erasmus+ contract (inter-institutional agreement) with the agreement for mobility for staff teaching assignments and staff training with the receiving university. When it comes to mobility for staff teaching assignments, there has to be a contract for the respective department.


  • 2018/04/27

    50th Anniversary of Partnership between École Centrale de Lyon and TU Darmstadt

    TU Darmstadt invites partners, students and friends to join the discussion on the future of European Engineering Education Cooperation.

    Programme and registration:

    European Engineering Conference

  • 2017/09/29

    Europaweites Zentrum zur Integration Geflüchteter

    Campusführung für studieninteressierte Geflüchtete. Bild: Aaron Szcerzba

    Koordinierungsstelle für Flüchtlingsintegration mit Projektidee erfolgreich

    Das Dezernat VIII und seine zentrale Koordinierungsstelle für Flüchtlingsintegration waren in der Förderlinie „Erasmus+ Strategische Partnerschaften im Hochschulbereich“ mit einer Projektidee erfolgreich. Beantragt wurde ein europaweites, virtuelles Kompetenzzentrum zur Integration Geflüchteter an Universitäten mit technisch-naturwissenschaftlichem Fächerprofil: „European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education“ (EUCRITE).