As admins, you take care of IT security on your institution's IT systems. This page offers you tips and advice.

Maintain and secure your IT systems!

If you operate your own IT infrastructure, ensure that it is maintained and security updates are applied as soon as they are released. Set up firewall and VPN for your institute network. Get more ideas from the BSI.

Identify vulnerabilities!

Get support to ensure that your IT systems are free of gaps that attackers could exploit. TUDa-CERT offers regular vulnerability scans for this purpose.

If you are interested, please contact Jochen Becker, head of TUDa-CERT, email: . Please take a look at Richtlinie zu regelmäßigen Schwachstellenscans an der TUDa .

Make the human safety factor stronger!

IT security is as good as the people who operate the systems. Informed, thoughtful users are therefore just as important as technical protective measures for IT security. Criminals often try to trick IT users into disclosing secret information, bypassing protective measures or installing malware on their own IT systems.

If you know, what you have to look out for, you won't fall into the traps of cyber criminals. Take a look at our IT security for users page. Feel free to share the link!

Share your knowledge!

Sometimes the solution is just one office building away, because a colleague over there has recently faced the same IT problem and has just solved it.

Therefore: Get in contact with other IT admins at TU Darmstadt and benefit from each other's extensive expertise.

Three ways to do this are:

Get informed!

Being informed and reacting quickly is important in the case of an IT security incident to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. TUDa-CERT has set up various information channels for admins and decentralized IT security officers:

  • IT Security Communication via Matrix Chat : As a decentralized IT security officer and/or admin at TU Darmstadt, receive important information on IT security, system-specific alerts and exchange information with others.
    Further information and registration

Moreover you will get important information when subscribing to the Newsletter of BSI. Read more.

If an IT security incident occurs…

… contact us immediately, please. This is the only way to help you quickly. We will work with you to minimize the damage to your department or facility

Report an IT security incident .