As a manager or head of department, you are responsible for the IT security at your department or institution. This page provides you the information you need, to meet this responsibility.

Train your employees!

Criminals deliberately exploit human characteristics such as helpfulness, fear, respect or curiosity in order to persuade people to disclose confidential information. This approach is called social engineering.

Therefore it is important that your employees are aware of current threats and act thoughtfully. Please refer to our page IT security for users .

Let your employees take part in our training .

Give the Benutzungsordnung für IT-Systeme der TU Darmstadt to new employees.

Maintain and secure your IT systems!

If you operate your own IT infrastructure, ensure that it is maintained and security updates are applied as soon as they are released. Set up firewall and VPN for your institute network.

Implement always the IT-security measures that correspond to the protection level your data and systems require. Read §9 of Benutzungsordnung für IT-Systeme der TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab) for more information. Also note, which tasks, rights and obligations of system operators are described in §8.

Are you thinking about your own IT structures?

Take a look at the IT services provided by HRZ. There you will find maintained IT services that meet the requirements of a university.

Appoint an IT security officer (dIT-SB)!

The guideline for information security at TU Darmstadt (Leitlinie zur Informationssicherheit der TU Darmstadt) states:

  • All departments that operate IT systems appoint an IT security officer (dIT-SB).
  • The decentralized IT security officers cooperate with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • The dIT-SB are responsible for implementing the IT security process in their institution. This means that they ensure that IT security precautions are implemented.
  • A department should appoint a dIT-SB for the entire department.
  • A dIT-SB can be responsible for several institutions and departments.

Important! Despite the appointment of the dIT-SB, the responsibility of the heads of the departments, the staff units, the central administration, the central and other institutions as well as the affiliated institutions of the university for IT security in their areas remains unaffected.

You can find the further explanations in the Leitlinie zur Informationssicherheit der TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab) .

Make the conversation happen!

Let your IT admins exchange information with other IT admins at TU Darmstadt. For more information, you and your IT admins can visit IT security for admins .

If an IT security incident occurs…

… contact us immediately, please. This is the only way to help you quickly. We will work with you to minimize the damage to your department or facility

Report an IT security incident .