Backup – Your copies for the worst case scenario

Regular backups are part of the basic repertoire of IT security-conscious users. This protects you against data loss, for example, in the event of a defective or lost device or an ransomware attack. In the event of a ransomware attack that encrypts your files, a backup is often the only way to get back your valuable data.

Therefore, you should make regular backups, to a medium that is not permanently connected to your PC.

One possibility is an external hard drive, which – if not backed up – you will keep in a safe place. Another possibility for TU members is the backup service offered by the HRZ (see homepage of the HRZ).

You are asking yourself what has to be considered for a backup and which options are available? Take a look at the homepage of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). There you will find instructions on how to create a backup under Windows, Linux or on a smartphone.

This video from the BSI briefly summarizes what you need to keep in mind when backing up.