E-mail signatures and encryption

A digital signature can be used to verify and confirm the authenticity of an e-mail and its sender. And if you want to send confidential information, email encryption is the solution. All you need is a key pair and the corresponding certificate.

As an employee of the TU Darmstadt, you will find detailed instructions on this page of the HRZ on how to apply for the certificate, as well as instructions on how to use it, for example, in your mail client to sign and encrypt e-mails. There you can also apply for the required certificate.

Sign documents electronically

You can also use your personal keys and certificate to sign documents electronically. A real digital signature is much more than a scanned manual signature inserted into a document. Unlike a scanned signature, a digital signature is actually forgery-proof and a true proof of authenticity. You can also find out how this works on this page of the HRZ

A lecture on the topic

A more detailed insight is provided by the lecture given by Jochen Becker, head of TUDa-CERT, at the second IT Security Awareness Days in November. You can watch the recording of the lecture.