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Information security at work

By behaving correctly, you make a big contribution to information security in your workplace. The following image contains 9 typical mistakes that endanger information security. Can you find them? The solution is given below as a small puzzle game. Have fun!

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Information security is the security of information processed in daily work against access by unauthorized persons, against manipulation or loss. It does not matter whether the information is on paper, on a data carrier such as a USB stick, or in an IT system.

Since a lot of information in the office is processed on IT devices such as your computer, IT security is a cornerstone of information security.

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You can find the solution as a small puzzle here (opens in new tab)

Note: the puzzle needs some time to load. You can also find the solution together with explanations in the following paragraph “Explanations for the solution”.

(1) Doors and windows are open: Computers and accessories could be stolen from the rooms.

(2) The screen and thus possibly confidential information can be viewed by unauthorized persons.

(3) A slip of paper with passwords is visible and could be misused by unauthorized persons.

(4) A DVD labeled “Save” is lying around accessible.

(5) Printouts and copies with confidential data are lying around at printers and copiers.

(6) Computers with a direct connection to the Internet can bypass the network protection provided by the central firewall.

(7) Malware can enter the corporate network through private data carriers (a DVD in the picture).

(8) Leaking liquids endanger the hardware.

(9) Smoking means fire hazard.