Door number 5

Making plans happen – An idea for the second Advent

How about using today's second Advent to implement one thing right away that will make your (private) online activities safer. Here are two ideas.

Set a separate password for each online account

Take a walk and consider which private online accounts you have. Back home, have a cup of hot tea or a coffee and start setting a separate password for each of your accounts – preferably each with at least 12 characters. Delete accounts you no longer need. Use a password manager to create secure passwords that you don't have to remember yourself.

You can read about secure passwords in door number 2 and about password managers in door number 3.

Update security settings in social networks

You are active in social networks, but so far you have not thought much about with whom you share your data? Take the initiative today to update your security settings when you send out Advent greetings. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has described on its homepage how to adjust the security settings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp & TikTok – for each service step by step.

If you want to know again why this is useful, read door number 4.