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Two factor authentication – The extra protection for your online accounts

Two factor authentication (2FA) is, when an additional factor is used to secure logins, in addition to the password entry (factor “knowledge”). A frequently used method is an additional one-time password generated in a special app on your mobile phone. In that case, the second factor is “Ownership” because you need to own your mobile phone.

This second factor makes it much more difficult for attackers to crack your account, because it is no longer sufficient to get your password, for example by phishing.

Especially important: Your private e-mail box

Therefore: Always activate two factor authentication (2FA) if it is available, especially for important accounts. One example of such an important account is the private e-mail box. Many people use it as contact address for resetting passwords of other accounts. An attacker who gets access to your mailbox can capture all accounts linked via the recovery function. A very good reason to accept the small additional effort of 2FA.

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