Door number 12

Putting plans into action – Ideas for today

It's Sunday again – time for a leisurely tea or coffee. And because the weather is supposed to be gloomy in many places today, we've got a few ideas again for a meaningful activity inside that will strengthen your IT security.

Automate updates and clean up your device

Have a look at the programs on your smartphone and/or on your PC. If possible, switch to automatic updates for all apps/programs you use. Delete apps/programs that you no longer use. More information about updates and their importance can be found in door number 6.

Set 2-factor authentication

Check your online accounts and set 2-factor authentication wherever possible. In door number 7, you can read why the minimal additional effort is a big plus for your security.

Guard against phishing

If you didn't have enough time to look at the page about phishing on Friday, why not make up for it today? You can then put your knowledge to good use in tomorrow's door.