Door number 23

IT Security Incident – What to do when it happens to you?

The IT security team will help you with IT security incidents. Get in touch! The sooner the better.

And one day it happens. Despite all your knowledge and caution, you click on a phishing link in a careless moment. A short time later, you realize that it was probably not a legitimate link. Or you have been taken in by a clever social engineer who – disguised as a colleague – has elicited sensitive data from you. Or you forgot your backpack with your work laptop on the commuter train on a hectic day.

None of this is a disgrace, and it can happen to anyone – as IT security expert Donald Ortmann pointed out at the beginning of his presentation at the BSI's Basic Protection Day (see door number 14).

It is important that you act prudently now and contact the IT security team at TU Darmstadt immediately. The IT security team will help you solve the problem and, together with you, try to keep the damage to TU as low as possible.

Incredible amount of spam? Clicked on a wrong link? Files encrypted? Don't hesitate, contact the IT security team.

Here's how to report an IT security incident.