Award Winners

Awards KogWis 2018

GK Best Paper Award (2016-2018):

The GK Best Paper Award is awarded for the best publication in cognitive science by a young investigator whose PhD has been awarded within the last three years or who is still earning a PhD.

Winner 2018: David Hoppe.

Daivd Hoppe, Constantin A. Rothkopf (2016). Learning rational temporal eye movement strategies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(29), 8332-8337.

GK Best Presentation Award

Each paper accepted for publication at KogWis 2018 and presented in the conference main track was eligible for the GK Best Presentation Awards.

Winners 2018:

1. Pablo Leon Villagra, Irina Preda and Christopher G. Lucas. “Data availability and function extrapolation.”

2. Ulrike Senftleben, Martin Schoemann and Stefan Scherbaum. “Modulation of choice perseveration in delay discounting decision making.”

3. Jan Pöppel and Stefan Kopp. “Towards satisficing mental models for behavior understanding.”

GK Best Poster Award

Each paper accepted for publication at KogWis 2018 and presented as a poster in the KogWis poster sessions was eligible for the GK Best Poster Awards.

Winners 2018:

1. Falk Lieder, Frederick Callaway, Paul M. Krueger, Priyam Das, Thomas L. Griffiths, Sayan Gul. “Discovering and Teaching Optimal Planning Strategies.”

2. Bernhard Lang, Guillermo Aguilar, Marianne Maertens, Felix A. Wichmann. “Generating Photorealistic Stimuli for Psychophysical Experiments.”

3. Benjamin Knopp, Moritz Schubert, Dominik Endres.“Influence of Segmentation on Movement Primitive Representations under Naturalistic Conditions.”