Wait, when the moon rises …

April 27 to October 29, 2023

As part of the 12. Darmstadt Photography Days , the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt is making a thematic contribution with the international exhibition »Wait, when the moon rises …« and is also occupying new locations in the public urban space.

More than ever, we need new perspectives, a look at the world from a different, an unusual angle. The chance to reassemble the world while leaving an apparent reality outside. In this way, details can be perceived in a new way, suddenly acquiring a new meaning:

»Make kin not babies.«

Donna Haraway

The theoretical approach of the historian of natural science Donna Haraway says to connect with all life forms and environments, to live with each other and not just next to each other. The six international artists in the thematic exhibition »Wait, when the moon rises …« at the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt follow a similar approach: the importance of reconnecting, appreciating nature and putting down new roots seems to be a leitmotif of the artists.

Some of these elements can already be found in the late romantic fairy tale »Hansel and Gretel« by the Brothers Grimm: disorientation, the magic of nature and forest, temptation and self-empowerment are visualized by the international artists each in their own way.

Participating artists

Sharbendu De (India), Mia Dudek (Poland), Sandra Kantanen (Finland), Eeva Karhu (Finland), Leonard Suryajaya (Indonesia / USA), Jesus Torío (Spain)

Supporting program