SEE-URBAN-WATER is a member of the Darmbach e.V.

since September 2019


As a research group dedicated to the transdisciplinary investigation and implementation of Nature Based Solutions, we also want to make a positive contribution to the investigator’s home base of Darmstadt. Therefore, since September 2019, the Junior Research Group SEE-URBAN-WATER is a member of the Darmbach e.V.. The volunteer organization Darmbach e.V. is committed to the re-disclosure of the Darmbach river for more than 10 years. This stream disappeared from the cityscape due to the increasing urbanization of Darmstadt. Nowadays, its water is discharged directly into the city's sewage system. The Darmbach e.V. has as its goal to guide the spring water through the middle of the currently riverless city again. In many places, the historic riverbed is to be revived, in other places a system of small and open canals is to be applied. A new disclosure of the river will help the urban ecosystem and strengthen its biodiversity, thus contributing to Darmstadt's adaptation to climate change. It can also improve the quality of life of citizens and provide pleasant refreshment in the park areas, for example. Even before the membership, there had been close cooperation, including guided tours with foreign guests along the already renatured parts of the riverbed.

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