Special session “Multifunctional and Co-Designed Green Infrastructures in Urban Contexts” – Submit your abstract until June 17!

SEE-URBAN-WATER coordinates Special Session at the International Ecological Engineering Society Conference "Closed Cycles", 2-4 September 2020


The conference “Closed Cycles” of the International Ecological Engineering Society takes places from 2-4 September 2020 as a virtual conference.

The Key Themes of the conference are:

  • Knowledge transfer and education in Ecological Engineering
  • Green buildings & infrastructure
  • Reducing the environmental footprint through closed cycles
  • Integrated design and planning approaches
  • Evaluating greywater reuse as a strategy towards closed cycles
  • Closed-cycle strategies in economy
  • Design and assessment of multifunctional systems in Ecological Engineering
  • New value chains and business models in circular economy
  • Digitalization and automatization in Ecological Engineering
  • Operation and management of complex solutions

Submission deadline for abstracts: 17th of June 2020

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