Nature-based Solutions for river landscapes in Latin America

joint session of SEE-URBAN-WATER and PlanSmart at the ESP LAC Regional Conference 2020


The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) regional conference for Latin America and the Caribbean was held in Mexico City between Nov. 25 and 27, 2020 as a virtual conference. The main goal was to share the plural knowledge about ecosystem services, as well as tools and transdisciplinary experiences that allow an effective influence in the sustainable development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Consequently, SEE-URBAN-WATER and PlanSmart shared their experiences and knowledge in a thematic session: “Nature-Based-Solutions for river landscapes in Latin America” on November 27. The objectives of this session were to explore what is understood by NBS in Latin America, through the exchange of experiences on case study examples and the investigation of specific advantages or disadvantages of the concept and its application. During the session, a great emphasis was placed on the concept of NBS in the Latin American context, and if it was better to continue using similar concepts, e.g. Ecosystem-Based-Adaptation, in the region. Similarly, other questions related to how can NBS serve as an interface between science and policy were answered more in detail.

More information regarding the conference and this session: