SEE-URBAN-WATER experiences presented at the IAHR 85th Anniversary Summit, Dec. 14, 2020 at 2 pm UTC

Prof. Hack talks about "Nature-based Solutions in the urban realm"


Join the Ecohydraulics II -Nature-Based Solutions session of the IAHR 85th Anniversary Summit to learn about Nature-based Solutions in the urban realm – Striving for multi-functionality and co-design with Prof. Hack as invited speaker.

During this session presenters will explain connection between basic ecohydraulic research and the implementation thereof in practical situations where Nature-based Solutions (NbS) can be used as alternatives to traditional grey measures. Speakers who are basic and applied scientists will speak to key emerging principles that can guide practitioners in terms of designing and constructing naturally functioning systems. Speakers who are practitioners and policy experts might speak about lessons learned form past and on-going efforts, including what is needed to actually implement NbS and improve ecosystem functioning for the benefits of all.