• 2018/01/22

    Comparing Hydrological Ecosystem Services Models for Integrated Decision-Support in the Chiquito River Watershed, Nicaragua

    Modelling results of SWAT. On the left: Capacities to retain sediment (a) and to regulate water flow (b).

    New open-access journal publication in Sustainability

    Different simulation models are used in science and practice in order to incorporate hydrological ecosystem services in decision-making processes. This contribution compares three simulation models, the Soil and Water Assessment Tool, a traditional hydrological model and two ecosystem services models, the Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Trade-offs model and the Resource Investment Optimization System model. The three models are compared on a theoretical and conceptual basis as well in a comparative case study application. The application of the models to a study area in Nicaragua reveals that a practical benefit to apply these models for different questions in decision-making generally exists.

  • 2018/01/16

    Publication on the potential environmental impact of the Interoceanic Nicaragua Canal

    MDPI Journal Environments publishes article co-authored by Dr.-Ing. Jochen Hack

    Nicaragua is preparing the construction of an interoceanic canal that will be the longest and largest canal on Earth. An environmental and social impact assessment was published in 2014 supporting a general viability of the canal. Nonetheless, several scientists and societal actors raised serious concerns regarding the social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Despite an open dispute within the Nicaraguan society, no independent, transparent, and scientifically sound assessment has been carried out. This article presents a transparently documented and comprehensible impact assessment of the West Canal Segment of the Nicaragua Canal.

  • 2018/02/12

    Stipendien für Auslandssemester in Nicaragua, Wintersemester 2018/19 – Bewerbungsfrist: 28.02.2018

    Internationale Studien- und Austauschpartnerschaft mit der Universidad Tecnológica La Salle

    Im Rahmen der Internationalen Studien- und Austauschpartnerschaft (ISAP) mit unserer Partneruniversität der Universidad Tecnológica La Salle in León, Nicaragua, sind für das Wintersemester 2018/19 drei Stipendien (Vollstipendien inkl. Reisekostenpauschale) für ein 6-monatiges Austauschsemester zu vergeben.

    Bewerbungsfrist: 28.02.2018