Project Output

Presentation of the junior research group SEE-URBAN-WATER

The following document briefly presents the junior research group SEE-URBAN-WATER (in Spanish):

Presentación del grupo de Investigación “SEE-URBAN-WATER”


SEE-URBAN-WATER wants to share the project progress. Each semester the team publishes a short report on the group's main activities. Below you can find the newsletters in Spanish.


Documentation of workshops

Workahop 08/2019

A series of workshops and stakeholder meetings are hold as part of the inter- and transdisciplinary research of SEE-URBAN-WATER.
Here you can find the documentation of them:


Working papers

Based on previous scholar work, the SEE-URBAN-WATER group has elaborated a working paper describing a common typology of green infrastructures technology in Spanish and English. The documents serves as a handout for our project partners abroad in order to colLaboratively design nature-based solutions in the project are.