Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Liste mit aktuellen Themen für Abschlussarbeiten. Für weitere mögliche Fragestellungen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Prof. Dr. Jochen Hack. Die vom Fachgebiet Ingenieurökologie betreuten Abschlussarbeiten, behandeln Themen der interdisziplinären Nachwuchsgruppe SEE-URBAN-WATER.

The following shows a list of the current topics for final assignments. For further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Jochen Hack. The bachelor and master thesis usually deal with topics directly related to the work of the junior research group SEE-URBAN-WATER.

Currently availabe thesis topics

Topic Contact
Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services of urban rivers and green spaces Prof. Dr. Jochen Hack
Assessment of potential sites for green infrastructure development to increase urban resilience Prof. Dr. Jochen Hack
Participatory methods for designing and implementing nature-based solutions in the context of
urban water management – A case study in Costa Rica/Nicaragua
Prof. Dr. Jochen Hack
Institutional dynamics and actor’s constellation in river basin governance – a cross-country comparison
(Germany and Costa Rica or Nicaragua vs. Costa Rica)
Prof. Dr. Jochen Hack
Green Infrastructure and policy assessment: the development of a sustainability policy transition Veronica Neumann
Payment for Ecosystem Services: A more inclusive valuation method for the evaluation and support of ES Veronica Neumann

Completed Theses

Title Year Type of work
Optimal nature-based solutions for reducing flood risks in Costa Rica 2019 DAAD-financed Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Master Sandwich Programme
Assessment of habitat quality and recreational potential of urban rivers in developing countries – The Pochote River in León, Nicaragua 2019 Bachelor thesis in Environmental Engineering
Urban land use classification using open access satellite images – The case of León in Nicaragua 2018 DAAD-financed Working Internship in Science and Engineering (WISE)
Assessment of the Ecosystems Services potential of urban rivers in developing countries The Pochote River in Nicaragua 2018 Bachelor thesis in Environmental Engineering
Hydrological Ecosystem Service Modeling supported by satellite imagery – The Chiquito River Basin 2017 Master thesis in Water and Environmental Engineering (joint supervision with TU Hamburg)
Hydrological Ecosystem Service Modeling – State of the Art and Model Comparison 2016 Master thesis in Environmental Engineering