Co-design of prototypes

SEE-URBAN-WATER aims at developing co-designed solutions for urban water management challenges to improve the socio-ecological conditions at the neighborhood and larger watershed scale. Co-design is understood as an iterative, inter- and transdisciplinary process of multiple actors for the identification and targeted integration of stakeholders with the aim of joint problem identification, analysis and solution development. For this purpose, several forms of interaction with local residents and strategic stakeholders have been realized since the beginning of the project.

Based on focal group meetings, street forums and educational exhibitions, workshops, and interviews are great degree of interaction with local residents, community leaders, representatives of the municipality and other public institutions was achieved leading to the co-design of Nature-based Solution prototypes for the project’s Real-world Lab. Moreover, the full spectrum of stakeholders has had the opportunity to know more deeply about Nature-based Solutions for urban water management and the benefits they provide to the environment, health, recreation and economy.