Phase-field modeling of microstructure evolution and properties of magnetic materials by Laser Powder Bed Fusion


Magnetic hysteresis is significantly influenced by the microstructure of a certain material. Additive manufacturing by laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) opens a new pathway for the design of novel magnetic materials through a controllable microstructure. In this project, we develop a temperature-dependent phase-field model to simulate powder melting, polycrystalline solidification, and grain growth during the LPBF process. Our modelling and simulations will help to achieve a fundamental understanding of the LPBF processing-microstructure-property relationships and thus the rational hysteresis design.

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Prof. Dr. Bai-Xiang Xu
Prof. Dr. Bai-Xiang Xu
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Timileyin David Oyedeji
M.Sc. Timileyin David Oyedeji
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