Junior Researcher Project
Revealing the interplay between magnetic domains and microstructure in order to maximize the hysteresis of permanent magnets

The goal of this project is to gain a precise understanding of the microscopic origin of hysteresis behavior of permanent magnets with specific focus on the impact of the different phases, typically resulting from phase decomposition. In particular, the interaction between phase boundaries and domain walls will be investigated by correlating (3D) structural and chemical properties with (3D) magnetic properties. In addition, the domain wall motion with respect to the phase boundaries is imaged with time-resolved microscopy to identify perfect pinning sites. The measurements will be performed by combining scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM), ptychography, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Phase decomposed permanent magnets such as Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B based alloys will be used as model systems.

This project was initiated in order to support gender balance in our CRC/TRR. Its topic and the applied techniques provide a perfect addition to our ongoing investigations.

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M.Sc. Teresa Weßels
Junior Research Project Leader
Junior Researcher Project II
+49 (0)203 379-2387
MD 450
Prof. Dr. Heiko Wende
Prof. Dr. Heiko WendeB05, IRTG / Z-MGK
+49-(0)203 379-2838
Dr. Katharina Ollefs
Picture: Florian Mazur
Dr. Katharina OllefsA03
+49 (0)203 379-2387