Advanced analytical electron microscopy and correlative Atom Probe Tomography and STEM


We use some of the most advanced microscopy and microanalysis techniques to study the interplay between microstructure, nanoscale composition and properties of the materials developed over the course of the CRC/TRR. We use electron microscopy and atom probe tomography, and, where possible, a combination of these two techniques. Electron microscopy is unrivalled in the investigation of nanoscale phenomena, in particular for its strengths in the characterization of the atomic arrangement and structure of materials. Atom probe allows for three-dimensional compositional mapping with near-atomic resolution. These two techniques are almost perfectly complementary. The expertise of the two leaders of project Z01 is internationally recognized in their respective fields. The facilities accessible on the atom probe side at MPIE are currently the best in the world. It is equipped with three instruments supported by three focused-ion beams for specimen preparation, as well as a complete vacuum cryogenic chain for specimen transfer between the different instruments.


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Prof. Dr. Leopoldo Molina-Luna
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Dr. Baptiste Gault
Dr. Baptiste Gault
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Dr. Esmaeil Adabifiroozjaei
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