Musical Culture (J.B.A.)


Musical Culture (Joint Bachelor of Arts)

(Musikalische Kultur, J.B.A.)


General Information

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Duration: 6 semesters
Language: German
Internship: Completing an internship or even several internships throughout the program is recommended particularly regarding professional orientation. With a duration of four weeks or more, full-time internships in the optional area of the program can be recognized; internship regulations.
Requirements for Admission:
1. general university entrance degree, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, similar foreign diplomas; further information;
2. Admission exam (proof of a specific artistic aptitude) in either June or September. Please check the requirements of the application process early with the Akademie für Tonkunst.
Admission Procedure: unrestricted, but be aware of the preceeding point “Requirements for admission”.
Part-time Degree: possible under specific conditions
Programme Start: winter semester
Application Deadline: September 15
Application: online application
Particularities: English language skills on a B2 level (CEF) are an admission requirement for the last subject exam.

Degree Programme Structure (please click to read on)


Semester Course Schedule (print version) – click to enlarge
Semester Course Schedule (print version) – click to enlarge

The Joint Bachelor of Arts consists of the studies of two different subjects/components.

The component Musical Culture represents a cooperation of TU Darmstadt with the Akademie für Tonkunst (Academy of Musical Arts) located in Darmstadt. The component contains a range of courses offered by the Institute for Philosophy as well as the Akadmie für Tonkunst and combines artistic practice, reflection on society, theory of music as well as aesthetics and musical philosophy.

In order to be admitted to the programme, prospective students are required to pass an artistic subject-related practical aptitude test that will be held at the Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt.

More information:

Modulhandbuch der Akademie für Tonkunst (module handbook, Akademie für Tonkunst)

Modulübersichtstabelle Wahlmodule der Akademie für Tonkunst (Overview on electives, Akademie für Tonkunst)

Studien- und Prüfungsverlaufsplan der Akademie für Tonkunst (courses and exams structure, Akademie für Tonkunst)

Modulhandbuch Module Musik/Ästhetik I/II der TU Darmstadt (module handbook, modules Music and Aesthetics I/II)

Vorlesungsverzeichnis (Course Catalogue)

Institut für Philosophie (Institute of Philosophy)


Start smart

Use these tools for a smart start into the programme:

Online Self-Assessment

Orientierungswoche (OWO) (orientation event) at the beginning of the first semester.

Advice for Prospective J.B.A. Students

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