Academic Continuing Education

Academic Continuing Education

Bild: Jan-Christoph Hartung
TU Darmstadt offers Master's programmes for further scientific education. Image: Jan-Christoph Hartung

The Technical University of Darmstadt offers Master's degree programmes for further scientific education. The courses of study are non-consecutive, subject to a fee and part-time.
The language of tuition is German.

Counselling opportunities for the continuing education courses: Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung

Master's degrees in Academic Continuing Education

A prerequisite for admission to a continuing education master's programme is an academic degree in a field related to the desired programme or a qualification, such as in-company vocational training, which is regarded as equivalent after thorough examination, and at least two years of relevant professional experience (equivalent to 24 months of full-time employment after graduation). The advanced training courses are subject to a fee.

The course is divided into attendance and self-study phases in a ratio of approx. 25: 75.

The attendance phases usually take place from Thursday to Saturday. The four days of attendance at the university each comprise approximately ten teaching units.

For the design of the self-study phases there is an online offer on the learning platform Moodle of TU Darmstadt. The basic structure of an online course typically has the following functions:

Overview; current events/news forum; working materials for lectures, exercises, exams; links to databases; online house exercises; forum for exchange and discussion; contact persons and their office hours.


Academic Continuing Education programmes:



Academic program

Bahnverkehr, Mobilität und Logistik
(Rail transport, Mobility and Logistics)

Baurecht und Bauwirtschaft
(Building Law and Construction Industry)


Master of Science (Academic Continuing Education)

Master of Science (Academic Continuing Education)