Guest student

Guest student

Interested parties who wish to attend individual courses at TU Darmstadt, but who do not have proof of fulfilling requirements/proof of university entrance eligibility (e.g. “Abitur”), can apply to be “guest students”.

Guest students do not acquire student status but are authorised to attend approved courses. These are listed in a specific catalogue of courses which are open to guest students and which is published after 1 March / 1 September. Guest students also have access to the PC pool, wifi, e-learning / Moodle and TU Darmstadt's internal web pages.

Guest student pay a fee of 50.00 euros.


Online application / registering as a guest student
Summer semester: 01.03. – 30.04.
Winter semester: 01.09. – 31.10.

Guest student course catalogue / registering for events
Summer semester: 1. March
Winter semester: 1. September
It is possible to register from this day until the end of the courses.


Important notes

Registration as Guest student

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