Authentication of TU certificates

Authentication of TU certificates

TU Darmstadt is able to authenticate copies of certificates, which have been issued by the university. This authentication service is available from the Student Service in karo5.

Other documents are authenticated by public bodies carrying a seal, e.g. municipal and local authorities or notaries. Outside Germany, certificates can be authenticated by German agencies abroad (embassies).

What do you need to authenticate TU certificates?

You must present the original certificate. Authentication incurs a fee. Based on the applicable administrative cost order, a fee of 3.00 euros is payable to authenticate each and any certificate issued by TU Darmstadt. To authenticate certificates issued by other institutions, a fee of 6.00 euros is payable.

Do you intend to use your TU certificate abroad?

Certificates issued by administrative bodies in other countries are frequently only recognised if their authenticity has been verified through a procedure known as legalisation.
For this purpose, a series of internationally recognised, standard rules of procedure have been developed. This can be found on the German Federal Foreign Office's website or obtained from the place abroad where you will be submitting the certificate. Please find out in advance which type of authentication is required in the country for which you require the documentation.

If authentication (legalisation, Apostille) is needed to use a certificate abroad, the regional authority (Regierungspräsidium) in Darmstadt is responsible for this. Beforehand, the genuineness of the certificate and the signature it bears must be verified by the university (pre-authentication). The Student Service in karo5 performs this task free of charge.

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