Leave of absence / semester on leave

Leave of absence / semester on leave

If you are unable to attend courses at TU Darmstadt for a course-related reason (e.g. international stay, work placement) or are unable to attend for a specific semester for appropriate personal reasons, there is the possibility of taking a leave of absence (see reasons for taking a leave of absence).

We recommend submitting your application in good time, if possible by the end of February or the end of August for the subsequent semester. This will ensure that you receive your student documentation containing the relevant information about the leave of absence in good time before the start of the semester on leave. If you need to apply for a leave of absence for a current semester, the application must be submitted at the latest by 30 September for the summer semester and by 31 March for the winter semester. It is not possible to take a leave of absence retroactively for a finished semester. Applications made after 30 September for the summer semester and after 31 March for the winter semester will be rejected regardless of the reasons.

The full semester feesare due even for a semester on leave and must be credited to TU Darmstadt's account within the re-registration period. It is possible to obtain a partial refund for the semester ticket as applicable. The students' union (AStA transport department) is responsible for this.

The duration of a leave of absence is limited to six semesters regardless of whether different reasons are applicable. Leaves of absence due to maternity/parental leave and compulsory (military) service are not included in this limit.

Be sure to read the information below regarding the reasons for (and consequences of) taking a leave of absence. Please also note that part-time study is an option for certain degree programmes where available.

Reasons for taking a leave of absence

Consequences of taking a leave of absence

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