If you have finished your studies, need to take a break from them or wish to switch to another university, then please apply no later than 30 September/ 31 March to de-register when the current semester ends. Please use the de-registration application form for this purpose.

We strongly recommend retaining student status until passing the final examination and applying for de-registration after grades have been awarded at the end of the relevant semester. The number of subject-related semesters and university semesters will not be specified on the certificate or grade transcripts.

Submission deadlines

By 31 March for de-registration at the end of the winter semester or by 30 September for de-registration at the end of the summer semester.

Following de-registration, your membership of TU Darmstadt will expire at the end of the semester in which you submit your application.

After your application has been processed, you will receive proof of de-registration (this can also be provided as proof to pension providers).

If you have already re-registered for the next semester when you apply to de-register at the end of the current semester, it is necessary to return all student documentation for the following semester (student identity card/semester ticket, proof of enrolment, etc.). Semester fees will then be refunded. Please refer to the deadlines specified on the application.

It is not possible to de-register retroactively for a finished semester. The legal basis for this is Section 11 of the enrolment regulations currently valid in the state of Hesse.

After the semester starts (1 April for the summer semester / 1 October for the winter semester), it is only possible to de-register when that semester ends.


Expulsion (forced de-registration)

Further information  
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