Each semester, students must re-register by paying the semester fees for the following semester by bank transfer within the specified period or have applied to take a semester on leave (Section 58 HHG).

The exact periods can be found under the semester dates (re-registration periods do not apply to first-time or new registrations; a separate payment period will be specified in your letter of acceptance/admission.)

The current semester fees and administrative fees, as well as the relevant bank details, can be found in the section on semester fees.

To determine whether fees have been paid on time, the reference date is the date that the money is credited to TU Darmstadt's account and NOT the date on which the bank transfer is made. Please therefore remember to make your transfer in good time (at the latest 15 days before the end of the period), because all fees and charges must appear in TU Darmstadt's account by the final day of the period at the latest.

Please note that the processing time by the bank and at TU Darmstadt can be 5 to 10 days (even with online banking!).

Only then can your student documentation (student identity card/semester ticket and proof of enrolment) be issued for the following semester. These can only be delivered by post.

The cost of issuing a duplicate student identity card in the event of loss is 30.00 euros.

It is in your interest to communicate all changes to your details (particularly changes of address!) to the Student Service (karo5) in good time before re-registering.

Please note:

Please note: According to TU Darmstadt's general examination rules, enrolment in the relevant degree programme is necessary to register and sit for an examination. This also applies to retakes. Examination credits are to be recorded in the campus management system. To this extent, it is necessary to be enrolled until all assessments have been passed in full, including the Bachelor's/Master's thesis. If an examination is failed or thesis work is not assessed to be at least adequate (“ausreichend”), you will be notified of this in person or electronically via the campus management system. The assessment process should not exceed four weeks.

It may take up to eight weeks to issue a certificate. We therefore recommend only applying to de-register at the end of a semester after certificates have been issued. The number of subject-related semesters and university semesters will not be specified on the certificate or grade transcripts.

De-registration after re-registering

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