Student Service

Student Service

Bild: Mareile Prüßner
Picture: Mareile Prüßner

The Student Service (Studierendenservice) is responsible for all student and prospective student concerns and administrative matters

  • Applications and admission (German university entrance eligibility)
  • Registration, changing degree programme, including transfers from Bachelor's to Master's (German university entrance eligibility)
  • Semester fees
  • Re-registration, leave of absence, de-registration
  • Enrolment certificates
  • Issuing accreditation/duplicates and legalizing certificates
  • Confirmation of study periods for pension providers
  • Health insurance fund (Krankenkasse)
  • Guest students

Prospective / current students with non-German or international university entrance eligibility

Students (German and non-German citizens alike) with international credentials and international students who are already enrolled are looked after by the international admissions unit.

Additional contacts

Central Student Counseling Service (ZSB)

Offices for Student Affairs

TUCaN team