Costs and Budget

Estimated Costs

You will need a sizeable amount of money for your living expenses. Make sure you have enough money available in the first weeks after your arrival to pay for living costs, accommodation security deposit, and your first month's rent.

Your financial basis has to be secure before you embark for Germany. Ensure that you have enough money with you as well as easy access to your bank account at home.

  • Registration Fees: All students, exchange students included, must pay registration fees each semester. Currently the fee is approximately EUR 220 per semester. The fee includes contributions to the student administration, the student body and the Semesterticket, which provides free public transportation around the region. For IREP students: this fee is deducted from your scholarship.
  • Accommodation: The monthly rent for an off-campus student room is approx. EUR 500-800. Often Internet access is included or may be available for an additional fee.
  • Meals: Your TU Darmstadt student ID card includes a price reduction for meals in the university cafeteria (EUR 3-7 per meal. You will spend about EUR 450-600 on food and beverages per month.

Here is a short list of expected costs:

Tuition EUR 0
Registration Fees EUR 216.38
Housing (highly depending on the type of accommodation) off-campus housing approx.
EUR 550 x 3 months = EUR 1650
Meals EUR 550 x 3 months = EUR 1650
=TOTAL Approx. EUR 3516.38

Please note that these costs are just a rough estimation and can vary greatly depending on your way of life, your accommodation, etc.

Money Matters for the First Few Weeks in Darmstadt

In the first few weeks you will need cash to pay for a number of things, such as transportation (AirLiner shuttle bus or taxi, hotel), your housing security deposit, health insurance, student fees, rent, etc.

Shuttle Bus Approx EUR 10 (cash)
Taxi (train station – hotel) Approx EUR 15 (cash)
Hotel (1 night) Approx. EUR 55 (credit card)
Food for the first few days Approx EUR 100 (cash)
Safety deposit for room Approx. EUR 600 (cash)
Rent for first month
(highly dependent on the type of accommodation)
Approx. EUR 450-800 (cash / only sometimes credit card)
=TOTAL EUR 1,230-1,580