Overview of departments for prospective students

Overview of departments for prospective students

The departments and fields of study at TU Darmstadt provide a wide range of information, orientation events and preparatory courses for prospective students and freshers.



For prospective students: Architectural Studies at TU Darmstadt. Information about degree programmes, teaching and the faculty's proven training model.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

As diverse as the world: The information about studying Geodesy and Geoinformation answers questions such as: Who are these courses aimed at? What are the future career prospects?

How can I shape my environment?

As a civil engineer? Information about the programme in Civil Engineering and what it takes to be a civil engineer.

As an environmental engineering scientist? Information about Environmental Engineering Sciences and what is involved in being an environmental engineer.

For school pupils, teachers, parents: What do civil engineers actually do? The be-ing-smart information event (in German) event showcases what an exciting profession it is to be in civil engineering.

Courses offered: Information about other degree programmes (in German) such as the Master's course in Traffic and Transport on the departmental pages.


Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Starting your studies: The preparatory course in mathematics, orientation week and introductory project help new students adjust to studying for a Bachelor's degree. There is an information event for Master's students.

No skills shortage: Activities for school pupils (in German) include campaigns such as Rent-a-Prof or the school pupil programme to encourage the next generation to consider IT-related engineering courses.

For different study phases: Overview of the numerous orientation events within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.


Computer Science

Wide range of choice: The pages for prospective students include a video that answers initial questions about studying Computer Science. There are also materials and events aimed at school pupils, information about courses of study, newsletters, FAQs …

Interactive site: Why is Julia studying a joint Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at TU Darmstadt (in German)? Accessible information about the degree programme, syllabus and career opportunities.


Mechanical Engineering

Studying Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt: As well as providing information about applying and the prerequisites for successful studying, the pages for prospective students contain background information for applicants with practical training and professional experience.

Online bridging course for prospective students: This online bridging course takes the form of instructional videos and related exercises to provide a brief introduction to issues, ways of thinking and methods in mechanical engineering.

Women in Mechanical Engineering: The section about women in mechanical engineering contains information about scholarships and orientation events.

Natural Sciences


Degree programmes and contacts: Information about studying Biology (in German) at TU Darmstadt.

Find out about Biology at the university: School classes can spend a day in the teaching lab or the green classroom (in German). Two-week placements (in German) are also offered for school pupils.



Studying Chemistry: The departmental pages (in German) contain information for prospective students about degree programmes, applying and how to obtain study / course guidance.

First semester: The Departmental Students' Representative Committee organizes an orientation course and orientation week (in German) at the start of the academic year.

Chemistry is amazing: Activities for school pupils (in German) are aimed at young people on an individual basis (Chemistry for school pupils) as well as whole classes (Merck – TU Darmstadt – Junior lab).


Materials and Earth Sciences

Interested in studying or already enrolled? Course of study in Materials Science at TU Darmstadt.

Geosciences: The information for prospective students and school pupils (in German) covers the geosciences as a career, events and opportunities available to schools.

How about spending your holidays in the lab? There are various opportunities for school students and teachers to find out about the materials sciences.



The sum of information: The Department of Mathematics has a page for prospective students as well as pages for first-year students, teachers and offerings for school pupils (in German).



Why study physics? Prospective students (in German) can find out which opportunities a physics degree can open up, as well as the prior knowledge required.

Curious? : Scientists answer the questions of senior school students at free Saturday Morning Physics (in German) sessions. Refreshments included!

Uni undercover: School pupils can spend a day as a “Physics spy” (in German) shadowing a student and experiencing first-hand what it's like to study physics.


History and Social Sciences

Portal for prospective students: What are the benefits of studying history (in German)? Good reasons for choosing a degree in History – and a study of the history of TU Darmstadt.

What exactly is philosophy? FAQs (in German) about all aspects of a course of study in Philosophy.

Many years of experience with the Bachelor's / Master's format: Prospective students can find out what to expect from their degree programme on the Institute of Political Science's website (in German).

Studying with the department: Degree programmes offered by the Department of History and Social Sciences arranged by qualification.


Human Sciences

Psychology: Information for prospective students and students (in German) at the Institute of Psychology.

All the degree programmes: This department's academic services office (in German) provides news and FAQs on its web pages, as well as information about the degree programmes offered by the institutes.


Law and Economics

33 percent more opportunities: The pages for prospective students (in German) contain details of the degree programmes as well as the “4/3 principle” – the success model for Darmstadt's graduates of Business Engineering and Business Information Systems.

Organized by the Departmental Students' Representative Committee: The orientation week for first-year students (in German) takes place in the first week.