Paper Science and Technology – Paper Technology and Bio-based Fiber Materials

Master of Science

Paper Science and Technology – Papiertechnik und bio-basierte Faserwerkstoffe, M.Sc.


The M.Sc. Paper Science and Technology – Paper Technology and Bio-based Fiber Materials programme deepens the mechanical engineering skills acquired in the Bachelor’s degree programme and enhances them with chemical knowledge about the industrial production of paper. The programme caters to the students’ personal preferences by offering numerous electives and areas of specialisation. Therefore, we recommend that you contact Prof. Samuel Schabel (Head of chair for Paper Technology and Mechanical Process Engineering) at the beginning of the Master’s programme and create an individual study plan with his assistance.

During the programme, it is possible to do the internship abroad, as well as spending entire semesters at partner Universities in foreign countries.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Departmental Information about the Study Programme

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Degree Master of Science
Duration 4 Semesters
Programme start
Language German. Some courses may be offered in English.
Admission Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme (and thereby university enrolment) are comprised of a “Bachelor of Science” degree in “Mechanical Engineering – Sustainable Engineering” of the Technical University of Darmstadt or an equivalent degree. Admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here and in the competences description.
Internship A minimum 12-week-long industrial internship must be completed before registering for the Master's Thesis. It is recommended to have the internship completed before the start of the programme.
Part-time Studies possible under specific conditions
Special Features Preparatory courses for international students

Upon successful completion of a Master of Science degree, there is the opportunity to begin working towards a Ph.D. either at the Technical University of Darmstadt or at another national or international university: Ph.D. at Technical University of Darmstadt

Specialised paper engineers are much in demand and sought after. They are mainly concerned with the production of paper, cardboard and paperboard, the manufacturing of chemical and mechanical pulp, and the treatment of the resource of recovered paper. Also, they are skilled in the entire field of paper production, development of machines for paper manufacturing and refining, and printing technology. Therefore, they work primarily in machinery and plant engineering, process engineering, the chemical industry, manufacturing and processing of materials from renewable resources, and in research and development.

Potential employers for graduates of paper engineering are, for example, corporations in the pulp and paper industry, the paper processing industries such as printing or corrugated board industry, or the supplying industry for mechanical engineering, chemistry and paper machine clothing. However, paper engineers may also choose other career paths than the traditional ones. Examples include careers in marketing or distribution of paper products, employment in creative professions of the advertising industry or in engineering and vocational training professions of the printing or processing industry, or in consulting firms, insurance companies or the patent system.

For this reason, it is important to start early in the degree programme to gain practical work experience in relevant organisations. In this way, students can promote themselves as competent professionals in practice and make important professional contacts. The likelihood of finding a good position is definitely heightened if the student is flexible when it comes to commuting or even moving abroad. Good English language skills are particularly important when it comes to the international job market.

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