Summer semester 2021

This semester still remains primarily digital. Lectures, exercises, seminars are still held online. The TU Darmstadt has learned a lot from the past two digital semesters and has further developed digital teaching formats in order to make it possible for you to study successfully.

Current Information

Corona Measures
The measures for courses and examinations from the previous winter semester will be continued in the summer semester. Please inform yourself in carefully on the FAQ for courses and examinations; and subscribe to the RSS-feeds – so you will always be up-to-date!

Semester dates in summer semester 2021

  • Start of the semester: 01.04.2021
  • Activation of the course catalog: 01.03.2021
  • Start and end of the courses: 12.04. – 16.07.2021

You can find out more on the Semester Dates page.

Three Minutes Update Teaching (Episode 3)

The Vice President, Academic Affairs and Diversity, Prof. Heribert Warzecha, addresses the students in person – and reports briefly and compactly on the latest developments. Today's topic: the student survey.

Technical equipment and (digital) learning strategies

What is needed to be able to cope with the digital semester?
Find out about the necessary technology and browse information on study methods and blog posts.

To study digitally, you will need a PC or laptop with stable Internet access, and possibly a headset and webcam for online meetings.

In addition to the leading platforms for studying and learning (TUCaN, Moodle), the TU Darmstadt also offers further infrastructure to organise your digital studies:

  • On campus, you have access to TU Darmstadt's WiFi via eduroam.
  • Via TU-VPN “Campus”, you have access to the electronic media of the University and State Library (ULB).
  • As a student, you can also use free software such as ShareLaTex or virus protection software.
  • In addition, you can use your free Zoom TU-Campus licenses for online study group meetings.
  • The cloud storage platform “Hessenbox-DA” offers 30 GB storage space per student where you can store and share your documents with your study group.
  • Overview of helpful online tools & apps for studying.
  • Whether face-to-face or digital studies: key competencies for basic study techniques can be learned in the workshops of the Centre for Educational Development and Technology (HDA).
  • And to keep you from stressing out, you will find many useful tips in “Mental strength in studies and teaching”.
  • In addition, the ULB offers workshops, consultation hours and coffee lectures on how to do literary research, how to find, obtain, manage and quote your literary sources and how to use Word and LaTeX.
  • The SchreibCenter is the central place of consultation in all fields of academic or scientific writing.

Tips and best practice examples for digital studies
Digital teaching and online studies currently characterise everyday campus life. Being adventuresome, curious and at the same time pragmatic have grown in importance in times of corona. Collected contributions from the past summer semester.

Blog articles on e-learning at TU Darmstadt
Tips from students and teachers around the digital semester.

Video project from Student Affairs
In times of corona, the intercultural department of Student Affairs Darmstadt has started a video project with the motto “We'll be there for you – ITT will get you through”.

This section will be continuously updated – stop by regularly for more information!

News in the Telegram Channel

A helpful source of information, especially in times of pandemics: This telegram channel of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity, Heribert Warzecha, serves the rapid distribution of cross-university, study-related news (in German).