Doctorates: Online Registration and Enrollment – general information

For starting a PhD at the TU Darmstadt, an online registration is obligatory. At the same time, the enrollment as student is optional.

The selection of the online portal depends on the countries in which you obtained your university entrance qualification (HZB) and your Master's degree.

…please consider the information which webportal to use.

Please run through the application process within the portal.

Don't let yourself be disturbed by the word “application / online application”. For technical reasons, this is used for registration as well as for enrollment as PhD student.

Have you obtained your HZB and the Master's degree in Germany, or the HZB abroad and the Master's degree at the TU Darmstadt?

Please use the webportal “TUCaN”. If you were already a student at TU Darmstadt, please use your TU-ID to login. Otherwise you have to create a new account.

After having completed the online form, an application will be available for you in the portal.

Please submit the following documents to the Departmental Office:

  • Printed and signed application generated in TUCaN
  • Application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate
  • Supervisor's confirmation
  • Certificates entitling for doctorate
  • Resp. further documents, please consider the requirements of your department

Haben Sie Ihren Master im Ausland (mit deutscher oder ausländischer HZB) oder mit ausländischer HZB Ihren Master in Deutschland außerhalb der TU Darmstadt erworben?

Please use the webportal “movein” and consider the notes on the webpages.

After having registered

If you wish to enroll as a PhD student, you need further documents (e.g. university entrance qualification, certificates of bachelor / master, proof of health insurance…). Please consider the indications given in the webportal resp. the notifications of the Student Service or Admission International.

Your department will inform you about the decision of the Doctoral Committee.

In case of enrollment as a PhD student, you will receive your documents (student identity card, TU-ID, semester ticket) by letter post.