Update contact details for Covid-19 tracking

In the event of a necessary corona notification, it is important that you can be reached quickly and safely by the health authorities.

According to the current “Vierte Verordnung zur Änderung der Corona-Kontakt- und Betriebsbeschränkungsverordnung” of 29.09.2020 in Hesse the telephone numbers of participants in courses and examinations are needed for a rapid notification of potential contact persons in the event of an infection. This means that in the event of a Covid-19 infection the telephone number can be passed on to the public health department and the contact persons among the students can be informed quickly.

Please therefore check, correct and complete your contact data and forwarding rules stored in TUCaN and Identity Management (IDM):

  1. the address stored in TUCaN
  2. the telephone number stored in TUCaN (mobile phone number) where you can be reached easily
    (see instructions)

  3. the activation of the forwarding of TUCaN messages to your university e-mail address in TUCaN (see instructions)
  4. the forwarding of your e-mails sent to your university e-mail address to an actively used private e-mail address, to be entered in the IDM
    (see instructions)

Please help in your own interest to implement the Corona Regulation.

Stay healthy!