Guest students

If you are interested in attending individual courses at the Technical University of Darmstadt, you can apply for the guest student status. Participation in examinations is excluded.

A semester fee of 50.00 Euro for guest students must be paid by bank transfer.
You will receive further information upon successful registration.

When transferring the semester fee via a foreign bank, please note that both banks (sender and receiver) may charge extra fees.

Important Dates

Registration as a guest student

Summer semester: 1st working day in March – April 30

Winter semester: 1st working day in September – 31st October

Activation of the guest student course catalogue/registration for events

Summer semester: 1st working day in March

Winter semester: 1st working day in September

Registration is possible from this day until the end of the courses.

Amenities for guest students

Guest students do not acquire a student status, but enjoy other benefits:

  • Attendance of courses that are approved for guest students
  • Access to the PC-Pool (not during Corona)
  • WLAN access
  • Access to E-Learning/ Moodle

Relevant information on your guest student status

  • As a guest student, you will have access to a selection of courses offered by TU Darmstadt. The guest student course catalogue can only be viewed after registration.
  • You can attend courses up to a maximum of 12 semester hours per week.
  • Guest students are not entitled to acquire credit points (CP). Agreements to the contrary with professors or lecturers are invalid.
  • Guest students are not entitled to participate in preliminary, intermediate and final examinations, module examinations or other examinations required by examination regulations. Sports courses and language courses are also excluded.

Please note that you have to register as a guest student for each semester in TUCaN.

You do not have a TU identification number (TU-ID) yet?

In this case you have to create an account first. First you must register with your own e-mail address.

As soon as you have created your account, you will receive an e-mail with your access data. After the first login, please change the password to a personal password.

Find out how to create your account here.


You already have a TU-ID (e.g. as an employee or lecturer)?

If you are a former employee/student/teacher, please use only your former TU-ID for registration. If necessary, please request a new password by e-mail

You were already a guest student at TU Darmstadt last semester?

Then your TUCaN account is still active and you can log in on TUCaN with your TU-ID and password and register for guest student status .

You were already a guest student and have paused one or more semesters?

In this case please e-mail After the activation you will receive an e-mail and can register again for the guest auditor program.

The Technical University of Darmstadt does not offer senior studies. Guest student status is usually also offered at the other universities in Darmstadt. Please inform yourself on the respective university pages:

- Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (EFH)

- Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da)