Withdrawl from examination due to quarantine or a positive test (Corona)

What is to do if students test positive or are in quarantine and cannot attend the examination?

If the withdrawal deadline specified in TUCaN has already passed (usually 7 days before the exam), you will need an official positive test result (at least a rapid test for the day of the exam or otherwise PCR) to withdraw from the exam.

The test result must be sent to the office for student affairs by e-mail immediately after you receive it (please be aware of the modalities of your office for student affairs according to Inability to take the exam due to illness – medical certificate)!

The registration will not be counted as an examination attempt. The office for student affair will record this as “Other serious reasons” for late withdrawal from the exam according to § 15 APB.

This procedure is available for both in attendance written examinations as well as for oral examination.


In any case, please submit the proof (PCR or rapid test) electronically (please observe the modalities of contacting the respective office for student affairs).