What is a module? What is a course?

A module is a complete block with thematically defined results, given workload (credit points) and clear evaluation criteria. A module can consist of one or more courses and one or more examinations (credits and/or subject examinations).

Specific learning content is planned for each semester. You can see what these are in the semester course and examination schedule.

You can find the modules for your subject in TuCaN under the section Courses > Registration. Modules are highlighted in grey in TuCaN; below them you will find the corresponding courses.

A module is registered only once, whereas a course can be attended or registered for more than once.

Before registration for a course, you have to register for the corresponding module. No specific dates or rooms are assigned to a module, so modules are not displayed in the timetable. Only courses are shown there.

The module is completed with an overall grade. This grade can be made up of the assessments of several graded papers. As soon as a module is completed, the grading appears in the performance overview. If only some of the module's submodules have been completed, neither grading nor CP will be displayed in the transcript of records.

What kind of courses are offered?

Lecture: A lecture usually lasts one, sometimes two semesters, and deals with a coherent subject matter.

Practice, tutorium: In practices or tutoriums, the subject matter of the lecture or other topics are worked on and “practiced” in small groups.

Seminar: Seminars are particularly common in social and human science degree programs.Topics and questions from research are worked out in small or medium-sized groups and discussed intensively together. “Proseminars” are seminars for first-year students.

Internships: Especially in the natural science and engineering degree programmes, experiments are carried out in laboratory and field internships in order to apply the knowledge gained in lectures and to acquire experience in experimental, scientific work.

Excursion: During your studies you will visit research facilities or other places outside of the TU Darmstadt. Sometimes even on other continents.