Registration for examinations in TUCaN in the winter semester 2016/17


Registration for examinations in TUCaN in the winter semester 2016/17

The general registration period for examinations in the winter semester 2016/17 has started!

In many departments, the registration period will expire on 15th December, 2015. Moreover, the departments are allowed to define individual deadlines (§14 APB).

Please see the deadlines for registration and cancellation in the details of the examinations of TUCaN.

The attendance of an examination without valid registration is impossible!

You can register in the TUCaN Webportal within the section Examinations / My Examinations / Exams offered for registration.

After expiration of the registration period it is no longer possible to register!

In general, the cancellation of your registration can be done until 7 days before your examination date. Also for the cancellation the individual dates in the exam details have to be considered!

For questions concerning your registration, please ask your Office for Student Affairs..

Help and FAQ about the registration in TUCaN can be found here. Please consider that you have to register for modules and courses first and then for the examinations.

Should you need any help regarding TUCaN, please contact us via e-mail at.

The legal information concerning examinations are stated within the Allgemeine Prüfungsbestimmungen (APB).

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