Combinatorial assembly of complex fusion proteins


The junior research group of Prof. Dr. Viktor Stein recently published a study in the prestigious journal of Nucleic Acids Research. The paper describes a general method for the combinatorial assembly of complex fusion proteins by means of an iterative DNA assembly process.

The potency of the method is demonstrated in the construction of synthetic protein switches – one of the most challenging problems in protein engineering – yielding some of the best performing switches developed to date with induction values >150-fold.

The conceptual and experimental framework is anticipated to be of great interest to the synthetic biology community with a range of potential applications in the development of tailored sensors and switches for industrial biology, artificial sensory systems for biomedical diagnostics and smart (bio-)materials.

This work was supported the LOEWE research project iNAPO and in parts by the ENTEGA Pioneer ACTIVATOR funding scheme.

Here you can find the article